What bothers me still about Seattle?

I've been living in Seattle for a decade now. I have grown to really like Seattle and the pacific northwest, more generally. However, I was reminded this past week of a few things that I don't like about Seattle. The following is a list of stuff that bothers me about Seattle:

  • Matzah ball soup -- there's no good place to get this soup. period.
  • Swimming pools -- I've struggled to find a world class swim center any where near Seattle. And federal way is not close enough to Seattle to make swimming there practical. 
  • Basketball -- losing the sonics sucked. I grew up watching Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, and Robert Parish and the Boston Celtics. Professional sports seemed to be lacking. The Sounders are great! But, they don't play basketball.
  • Traffic -- and the lack of traffic solutions. Why can't we make a friggin' decision about the 520 bridge and the viaduct. 
  • Public access to the water -- I just got back from Vancouver. Why we allowed lake washington and lake union to be private spaces without making the first 100 feet of access more public was a mistake. Just imagine this city if each body of water were like Green lake!
  • Sun in the winter -- I still need more sun than I get in the winter. It's not the rain that bothers me...it's the lack of sun.  That said, this winter was great!