webmaster world: tactics matter

I'm in the second day of webmaster world conference and sitting in a panel conversation on "buying links" . I've had a busy day taking notes on the very tactical AND very useful topics of Internet marketing . I can't organize the notes real time into a coherent post at this time -- but the topics include the how-to's of link shopping, keyword selection, duplicate website content, page rank, search engine optimization and so on. These topics are the stepping stones of building a business online -- for the price, this conference is so much more valuable than the web 2.0 conference I was at last week and I have to say there are a lot fewer CEO's and brand name professionals here.  Interesting. I wonder why....Iv'e found it super useful to dig into the details of the tactical. It illumates the strategic quite well.

I am taking away at least a dozen concrete action steps that we at Judy's Book should be doing today.