Transferring old file formats

Now that I'm back on the Mac, I was thinking about transferring a handful of old files that are on my Mac SE. Big problem -- no one has 3.5 inch floppy discs anymore....and even if you (or I) did, once you get tthe data onto a disc, how would you ever be able to read the disc on a new computer --i.e. there are no more disc drives. I may be stating the obvious but it's not a probelm I've encountered in the domain of computer data.
I'm reminded of the advice my father in law gave me recently. He suggested I go and buy a new VHS before the players go into extinction. That way, I'll always be able to read my old catalog of VHS tapes. He insists that it's much easier than trying to transfer all those tapes.
Does anyone know how to do deal with this floppy disc and data transfer problem?