Top 5 entrepreneurial moving offices tips

Sorry for the slow week of posts last week. But I was engaged in moving to our new offices in South Lake Union. The office already has a nickname -- "the Easy"'s a working name based on the fact that we have a speakeasy in the basement.  

Like most start-ups....and unlike most big companies.... We moved ourselves. We rented a U-Haul and a couple hand strollers. We got lots of used furniture. We negotiated with internet providers which was a pain in the ass because Comcast doesn't service our neighborhood. We put the furniture on our backs and moved. My back is tweaked -- it's hard for old guys that sit in front of computers to move stuff. 

The upside of all the moving and sweat is the new space we're in.  We're setting up office this week. Trying to get things tidied up for the start of TechStars. Stay tuned for pictures, parties, and open houses. 

Special thanks to Kayla and Danny for making the move happen. We couldn't have done it without you...or your siblings. 

oh yea -- and now for my top 5 tips for those people considering an office move:

  • Home Depot has tile board that makes for great whiteboards
  • Used chairs can be acquired for $20
  • Pizza plus $200 worked for payment for a full day of movers
  • Make sure to start the internet gets signed up for before you sign a lease
  • Negotiate an "out" to your lease -- having a buyout with 6 months notice is a good practice for any startup!