Top 4 mistakes when blogging

This is really a personal list of my top mistakes.  And unfortunately, it's all too easy of a post to write! My mistakes in order of importance are:

  1. Uninteresting titles - Hands down this is one of my more common and big mistakes.  Over and over again I learn the lesson that readers are attracted to content based upon the title first and the content second. 
  2. Spelling fubar -- I frequiently (intentional error there) write my posts quickly and will not give them the appropriate review before pushing publish. This makes my blogs and me seem unprofessional and messy. 
  3. Infrequent consistency -- I've gone in cycles of being prolific and being radio silent. Better to write fewer consistent posts so your readers know what to count on you then to be erratic.  That said, I've given myself permission to write whenever I want and on whatever topic I want -- this has helped my enjoyment of blogging. 
  4. Unfocused posts -- I'll sometimes write posts and try to make too many points at once and end up making no point.