Tiger21: a peer to peer investment club

I've decided to chair the Seattle chapter of Tiger21.  The organization is a group of high net worth individuals who meet monthly to discuss all things financial in their life and world.  The goal of the group is to assist individual members in becoming more knowledgeable and educated about managing their financial life.  i.e. increase investment returns and limit risk. The group has some roots in Vistage (formerly known as TEC) , YPO, and EO (formerly YEO) -- but is unique in its focus on financial matters. There are currently fifteen TIGER 21 learning groups, representing more than 165 investors, with investable assets over $10 billion. Founded in New York, TIGER 21 now has investor groups in New York, California, Florida and Texas....and now Seattle.
I was fortunate to be a recent guest for part of a meeting at the San Francisco Tiger21 chapter and was so impressed and inspired by what I learned that I decided to chair the Seattle group.  I learned from 8 other competent individuals about what each of their view and actions had been since the October collapse of the stock market. It was highly educational and contained information that influenced how I've managed my investments in the last 30 days.  The notion of having this input on a regular basis in Seattle excited me -- so I'm chairing the group. Feel free to email me if you have questions or interest about what I'm doing.
You can read about Tiger21 at its website or in some press articles in the New York Times, CBS market Watch, the Miami Herald, the London Times etc. You can also see the press article in the Seattle Business Journal too.