Things I feared when moving to Seattle

Sept 10, 2004

I went to my daughters’ school picnic this weekend. I came away feeling optimistic that Judy’s Book may actually work. I looked around during the picnic and thought to myself – I would like to know where this community eats out, who does their landscaping, plumbing and whatever else around the house. The idea behind the company is decent enough – people helping people get the best of everything.

I moved from Boston to Seattle 5 years ago (late 1999) and there were 3 things that concerned me about the move.

1) Tennis partners - at the time, I was a big casual tennis player and I was concerned about moving to a new city without any tennis partners. More broadly speaking , this concern was really about not having any friends in Seattle -- my life and my friends had been in Boston.

2) my inlaws - My mother in law Judy was sick with Cancer. We had to move to Seattle to be close to them. However, I must admit I had some trepidation about being within driving distance of my inlaws. I liked them ok -- from a distance and just wasn't too sure about how the whole proximity thing would work. Would we get along? would my wife change / regress by being close to them etc?

3) the weather - supposedly, it rains in seattle. How would I feel about that?