Therapy and Ben Casnocha

My friend and fellow blogger Ben Casnocha asks "Should Everyone Go Through Therapy?".  I'd have to answer the question, yes.  It's important to know that I subscribe to the belief that the examined life is the one worth living. I know it's not the only way to live -- but it's a core assumption to MY answer to Ben's question.
I've been a big believer of therapy. I see a therapist now and have just starting seeing the person more than once a week and admit that it's been an eye opening experience. I've started to inquire and explore my unconscious in a way that I never have before.  Powerful stuff that is very difficult to explain in a blog!
I've used therapists in my marriage and in my work life with good success. It's always useful to have an outsider "listen" and "reflect" back to assist in processing.
Ben -- the real answer to your question is another question -- "Should everyone go through therapy?" ...well, Ben, forget everyone, do you think you should go to therapy?