The Top Three Reasons Mentorship is Important to Entrepreneurs

1. Top 3 reasons that mentorship is important to 

* Growing a company is complex and having input from smart people who have had similar experience is super useful.
* It helps entrepreneurs see the forest through the trees 
* Entrepreneurship is about execution.  Having folks guide you through the process of starting and scaling a company is invaluable.

2. Top 3 qualities a good mentor should have? 
* The mentor should know that they are mentoring and not running the company.
* The mentor should be able to listen for core problems.
* Give simple advice even to complex situations and problems. 

3. Who should be a mentor?

Expert, C level of an exited company, domain experts.

4. Why you should mentor? 
Giving back to entrepreneurs is the most valuable thing you can do. It's why moms help moms with child birth.... because moms know how hard it is and how important it is to have support to get through some of the challenging times. The same is true with entrepreneurship.