The ping pong case was the give away

I attended the Tech Flash ping pong tourney and BBQ on Thursday. It was a great event. I was a bit unlucky in my ping pong draw -- my bracket had the odds on pre-tourney phenom "nam le" (sp?) in it and in my first and only game I played Isaac of mechanical turk fame (formerly from Amazon).  I knew I was in trouble when he pulled out his ping pong case and it had a selection of 3 racquets. I know lots of people with ping pong racquets. Heck -- I own one. But I don't know many who have the ping pong case!  it was a dead give away for a ringer. I couldnt' do anything with his spin serve -- and lost 2-0. I had fun anyway. Nice job John Cook and Todd Bishop -- the organizers of the event and the founders of TechFlash.