The connection between economic and environment fuck ups

Forgive me for the expletives but I heard a presentation today about the state of the environment.  Wow. I don't know what to say other than we're fucked.

The interesting thing about the presentation is that the similarities between today's economic crisis / disaster and the upcoming environmental disaster.  The foundation of today's economic crisis were seen by some many years ago but we as a human race aren't able to do anything about it until imminent danger is upon us.  In the presentation, they talked about how we as humans don't act because climate change is:

  • invisible
  • with complex causality
  • caused by all of us (as opposed to someone else)
  • unpredictable and inderect impacts
  • unprecedented (no real history for it)
  • drawn out (as opposed to immediate

Doesn't most of that list look like it may also apply to the economic crisis about 2 years ago?