Techstars Teams Count Down to Demo Day

I almost can’t believe we are already in week 9 of the Techstars Seattle program, and Demo Day is just around the corner. This is my fifth year running the Techstars Seattle program and every year is the same. On one hand the first two months feel like they fly by, on the other it is almost unbelievable it isn’t longer when you consider how much has happened.

In the past eight weeks, the companies have worked immensely hard, and it is paying off. With only a few week left, it is crunch time, and they know it. It always amazes me how much can be accomplished when you are passionate and driven. The long hours and the shared experiences lead to a unique bond not only among founders, but also among the companies. At this point, ideas; help; and advice is flying across desks, making the the class greater than the sum of its parts. Add to that, excellent advice from speakers and mentors who give their precious time to help propel the companies forward. This is what makes Techstars so unique.  

I want to express my gratefulness to all the mentors, speakers, and friends of Techstars who help make this program possible. We couldn’t have done it without you. Techstars Seattle is truly the product of a community determined to create a world-class startup ecosystem by giving back. Thank you!

I strongly encourage you to join the Techstars Seattle class for Demo Day on Nov 6th, and hear them pitch their businesses. You can read more about how to get tickets here.

- Andy