Techstars Seattle does Crossfit and is humbled/ Pained in the Process

This past week accounted for many firsts for the Techstars Seattle 2013 Class. It was the first week of the program, the first time the founders got a taste for how we do things here at Techstars, and the first time many of them had ever done Crossfit. I've been doing Crossfit off and on for about a year now and cannot help but see the similarities between the workout regimen and entrepreneurship. 

Both Crossfit and entrepreneurship are really, really hard AND the payoff can be enormous. To be successful, you need to take responsibility for your actions and be diligent with your execution. Issues and weaknesses will be brought to the surface and must be dealt with in order to move on to the next challenge and get closer to your respective goal. 

The process of starting a company, just like the process of getting in shape, is incredibly personal and humbling. You quickly can make great strides one day, and then spend the next few months focusing on some small aspect of your success. I'm looking forward to getting in shape along with my fellow Techstars at Crossfit SLU over the next few months. We'll keep you updated on how it goes. 

crossfit pic.JPG