TechStars Leak and Launch Party Tickets!

1. Who’s in TechStars Seattle? 

Usually we test your patience and make you wait for Demo Day (November 3rd), but here’s a sneak peek at some of the companies and what they’re up to…

Beamit Mobile - Most convenient and cost effective way to transfer money overseas.

Bluebox Now - Creating an engaging loyalty platform with real rewards so companies can delight their customers.

Fireplace - Building the world’s best online page builder.

Flexminder - Unlocking 6 billion dollars from Flexible Spending Accounts.

Piratebird - Quora for dating.

Romotive - We make simple, universal, and affordable robotic platforms that interact with people in meaningful ways.

Vizify: helps people get hired by turning their resumes into beautiful, interactive infographics. 

2. Tickets to our Launch Party- TechStars is coming to Bloomberg TV!  

September 13th kicks off the TechStars reality TV show series.  We’re throwing a big launch party to celebrate! I'd really like to thank the Seattle tech start-up scene for helping TechStars support our local tech start-ups and invite you to come and join us! Space is limited, so the first 20 people to respond will receive tickets (full details below).  Those who come celebrate with us can expect to hang out with TechStars Founders from the 2011 and 2010 Seattle programs, our TechStars mentors and the movers and shakers in the Seattle tech scene.  

Take a sneak peak at what's in store: TechStars Trailer

For tickets, @ me on Twitter using #techstarslaunchparty and shoot me an email.  First come, first serve!