TechStars and Founder's Co-op open house is cancelled. Will be Rescheduled!

It is with deep regret...that I need to inform you all that we will not be able to host the "who let the geeks out" BYOB party on August 13, 2010.  Yes, we've moved into our new office S. Lake Union ....and yes, we're super excited to share the space with all of you in some kind of party. BUT, we have furniture everywhere and like most good startups are overextended trying to get ready for the start of TechStars in Seattle. So forgive me....we're going to need to reschedule the event.  The party next friday the 13th is postponed!

I have plans to attend GeekWeek with Chris Pirillo....but won't have the honor of hosting the inaugural party!  Stay tuned for a rescheduled date after TechStars concludes.