Startup SEO is both awesome and hard

This has been a crazy week for me - Lighter Capital launched our new site and our explosive capital countdown and Techstars kicked off our second Seattle program. 

Rand Fishkin from seoMoz gave an awesome talk to the Techstars group that got the my mind racing for how Lighter Capital could be better focused on SEO. A couple things he said I thought were particularly relevant:

1. SEO can be a great marketing tactic for startups to beat established businesses since it requires creativity and nimbleness instead of $$, which plays AGAINST the advantages of  big company. 

2. SEO can be really hard for startups that are introducing a new product that the market doesn't know they want - ie Lighter Capital's revenue-based loans are a type of hybrid between bank debt (which people know about) and VC equity (which people know about). So how does a startup like us get people who are searching for bank debt or VC to find Lighter Capital? 

Thanks for the insights, Rand.