Spammers at work

This marketers vs. technology battle plays out at digg, reddit, and my new favorite website, mybloglog.
I got this spam in my message box at mybloglog....
From Samuel Komo,

After going through your profile , I decided to contact you for the relationship and bussines assistance .

Well, to introducing myeslf, I am Samuel Komo ,  TWENTY ONE years,  I  am a citizen of Cote D'ivoire former Ivory Coast in West Africa.

I am writing to solicit your noble assistance for the transfering and investment of  Nine Million, United Stat Dollars US D.
This doesn't mean the marketers are winning

We had to fight spammers last week at Judy's Book. Someone had co-opted our "invite a friend" feature and was using it to send 30,000 messages or more a day. We were able to shut them down...but not without a disruption of our development calendar and a fair amount of work. 
The battle rages on...