Some thoughts on Hillary Clinton's campaign

I actually think Hillary's campaign has improved over the last few weeks as she's gotten more desperate.  She's taken on the role of the "fighter" and the role of the "experienced one. These are roles that come naturally to Hillary and make her an appealing candidate. Hillary's TV ad with the telephone and children sleeping that is about national security is strong and works. The ad uses tactics that have been traditionally Republican in nature -- effectively, it's a strategy based on politics of fear.  It looks like Hillary's campaign is also trying to raise expectations for Obama, saying that if Obama loses any of the four contests tomorrow, that would mean Democrats are having second thoughts about him.  All these strategies are (imho)fairly effective even if they're a bit desperate. They're the strategies of a true scrappy political fighter.  That said, I think this is a case of a bit too little, too late.
My prediction is Hillary wins Ohio by a small margin, she continues to fight for the nomination, but ultimately loses. Obama is going to be the democratic candidate -- like it or not.