Simplicity As a Compliment to Powerful...introducing Big Door's 5 minute gamification process!

We all know that making things easier for users is the right thing to do, but here is a real-time case study of that concept.  Our portfolio company BigDoor announced their public beta in June and since then they have had over 500 publishers and developers register to use their platform. That's an impressive number, but while their stuff is flexible and powerful it has also been relatively difficult to use.  Until now.  They have been hard at work to create a simple oboarding process for new partners and also significantly simplifying the initial implementation.  Gamification isn't a one-size fits all solution, but most websites have similar needs in the beginning.  So BigDoor has taken the approach to build all of the bells and whistles for their power users, but at the same time they have now made the initial install brain dead easy.  They announced this big improvement to their platform first thing this morning, with the headline "BigDoor Launches the Five Minute Gamification Process".  So far today they've had 97 new publishers and developers signup just this morning, and it's not even 9:00 AM on the west coast yet.  
It will be interesting to watch how this day unfolds for them, but this is a real-time example of how simple can be a great compliment to powerful.  Click here and gamify your own site in 5 minutes.