Seattle Open Coffee is a good event!

We had the second OpenCoffee meeting today at Louisa's. I was worried because I didn't send out an email or publicize it in any way....and lo and behold, 13 people showed up. I think this is going to be a good event in Seattle.
I didn't have my camera so no photos this week but you can imagine what 13 entrepreneurs drinking coffee in a Seattle cafe looks like. 
It is interesting that no VC has yet to make an appearance at the event. I'll try and invite some for next week.
I should mention that a few people even made it over from the east side. Special thanks to them -- tells me there's a real need for this.

So the specifics of next week are the same as this week.
Every Tuesday, 8:30AM - 10AM, Louisa's Cafe on Eastlake in Seattle