Seattle tech community takes a step forward with Seattle 2.0 Awards

I commented earlier this week on how well Marcelo Calbucci publicized the Seattle 2.0 awards event.  Well, no wI want to comment on the event itself. 
Simply put, the event was excellent.  Why?  Because.....

  • Attendance was great. By nominating lots of people and inviting lots of people, Marcelo was able to get critical mass of people to the event
  • Agenda was solid.  Copying the Academy Awards gave the night an air of excitement and pageantry that is rare in the tech industry and almost non existent in Seattle tech scene.
  • Marcelo paid attention to the details. Even the trophies looked cool -- and simple trite plaques .  

All in all, I have to hand it to Marcelo and everyone that helped. It was an event that seemed to pull a normally disparate tech community together.
My suggestions for next year are:

  • Keep the awards event to no more than 1 hour. It started to drag (just a bit) for the last 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Open bar (with hard alcohol) -- charge more but make the event even more festive!
  • More appetizers -- food makes the world go round. Fed people are happy people.