Seattle 2.0 awards should be fun...Marcelo Calbucci deserves his own award!

Below is a portion of an email I got from Marcelo Calbucci today. It's basically a primer on buzz building using social media and SEO.  I've been totally impressed with Marcelo's efforts as he has created Seattle 2.0.

No -- this post isn't me paying Marcelo accolades because I'm a finalist in the angel award category. Simply put, Marcelo has done an awesome job and I'm impressed as you all should be in what he's been able to do "part time" and on weekends with Seattle 2.0. Nice job - Marcelo! Truly Kudos to you!

Twitter, Pictures, Blogging & Facebook

You can make a huge impact for Seattle. We want to achieve enough buzz to get picked up on Twitter trends, TechMeme and for all of our friends to find out about how great Seattle is for startups. We invite you to:

·         Tweet (or update your FB status) on the afternoon that you’ll be attending the awards. Use hashtag #seattleawards (on Twitter) and feel free to link to

·         Blog if you can before the award and on the next day about your experience.

·         Feel free to bring digital camera and camcorders. If possible, tag them “seattleawards”.

·         Tweet throughout the evening with hashtag #seattleawards.

Tell Your Friends to Watch Live

We’ll be live streaming the event on

Send email to your friends, share on Facebook, Tweet it and blog about it. Jason Calacanis from Mahalo, which is a huge personality in startup-world, bragged about getting 600 viewers on his live show. Help us get to 1,000! Live Stream will start around 5:30pm.