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This is an email I received today.
Dear Mr. Sack
First of all, let me explain how I got your e-mail id.
I did a google search, with the words "Gold's Gym Sucks."
Your blog/posts popped up. I read the posts, and decided to write to you.
So who am I? Well, my name is Alok.
I'm a copywriter in Bangalore, India.
Gold's Gym has been making my life a living hell.
And I was wondering if you could possibly help.
If the answer's no, all that remains is for me to thank you for your time.
If you think you may be interested, please read on.
The situation, in brief, is as follows:
A few months ago, I moved house.
It's a small apartment building, on a narrow, one-way street.
Across the road was a 5 storey vacant building.
The Gold's Gym franchisee in Bangalore, India, occupied it.
And my life, went down the crapper.
From construction work at god forsaken hours, to traffic problems.
And they haven't even opened yet.
They're due to open soon.
They'll have loud music, in the wee hours of the morning.
(They don't have 100% sound proofing.)
They'll have 5 floors of customers. Who'll all have cars.
(They don't have parking for more than 8 cars.)
Life, in short, is going to get worse.
The Bangalore franchise doesn't register on their site as yet.
So I can't make a complaint via their web page.
The franchisee herself couldn't give a crap.
And has brushed me off on the phone.
Bangalore may be the info tech capital of India, but this is still third world country.
The people in charge have more on their minds than one man's worries about noise polution and traffic violations.
Besides which, the franchisee has deep pockets. And you know what that means in the third world.
To cut to the chase, I want to write to someone at Gold's HQ.
You're the only e-mail link I've been able to find, after hours of trawling.
Could you possibly give me the customer complaint e-mail id for Gold's Gym?
Or the id you wrote to at Gold's HQ? Or any id that may possibly help?
Hope you can help.
Thanks for your time.