Persistence is omnipotent

There's a lot of talk about "be persistent" in traditional business literature self help books.  And the advice is sound -- but the meaning is often missed. It's easy to say "be persistent" but being persistent at the point when it matters is really freakin hard.  I was reminded of this fact when I met with the entrepreneur, Scott Golembiewski,  behind tuneyfish -- a how to video site that is now focusing on the automotive vertical.  He started the company over 2.5 years ago and has almost bootstrapped the entire thing to date.  He's been completely under-capitalized, built the site on a shoestring, doesn't yet have enough traction to be interesting -- but I'd say he's now just at the point where he understand what he needs to do to be successful and is starting to that in a small way. He's tired. He's broke. He hasn't received a pay check in forever.  Being persistent is hard. That said, if he does persist -- somehow -- I bet he comes out a winner. The persistence that the business books write about is the hard persistence -- not the easy stuff.