Party Foul

This past weekend I was in San Diego for a friend's bachelor party. It is the last of my single college friends to get married. One of the nights, a group of 10 guys went to a nice restaurant in downtown San Diego. We had reserved a private room at Osetra. The food was good and the conversation engaging. There were no naked women or excessive shots of Tequila. Bachelor parties have apparently tamed with age. Unbeknownst to me, one of the guys ordered a few $500+ dollar bottle of wine. A few of the people did not have any of the wine. When the bill for the evening came it was over about $3,000.  The bill was paid for by one guy and we all planned to pay our share later.  As one of my friends at the dinner pointed out to me-- this guy committed a party foul -- if you're going to order a $500 bottle of wine, you should pay for it rather than have it go into the shared bill.