Opening the door to a more imaginative future: Big Door Media raises $5 million dollars from Foundry Group and Founder's Co-op

I'm happy to let you all know that one of Founder's Co-op portfolio has raised $5MM dollars in venture capital from the Foundry Group.

As I pulled my car into the parking lot this morning and was thinking about Big Door I imagined myself getting points for getting to work on time, or for parking in the worst spot in the parking lot, or for getting to work in less than 5 minutes when my average time is 5:30 seconds.  You may think I'm a bit nuts, but working with BigDoor has me imagining the future differently (and admittedly I am a bit nuts). And the future I see is all about games.  

Keith Smith, the CEO of Big Door, pointed out the opportunity to create a platform to help publishers enable game mechanics and virtual economies.  Once he pointed it out -- I jumped on board and started to imagine life with points, points, and more points. And all I could think about was how FUN!   This post may be a bit abstract ...but it's because I'm rushed. I'll try to fill you in more as the weeks go by...if you want to see a practical implementation of Big Door check out cheezeburgers new implementation of's powered by Big Door Media.

This investment has been a blast. Nice job Keith, Jeff and the whole team.  (Welcome back Roy)

I plan on writing a long post about the story of this company and this financing in the next week. But I am so swamped with work that I can barely make this post.  I'm busy with my own announcement yesterday of RevenueLoan which is pioneering an innovative approach to financing early stage companies (i.e. companies of 1 to 5MM in revenue).