Newt Gingrich knew what was going on

The below is from the hugginton post....I think it's interesting comment.

After making a list of political analysts that thought Barack was a flash in the pan and that the political race was between Hilary and everyone else....The author points out that Newt Gingrich knew what was going on.

So, whose compass was registering properly two years ago? How about former House Speaker Newt Gingrich?

"Well, Abraham Lincoln served two years in the U.S. House, and seemed to do all right." Newt Gingrich, "Meet the Press," NBC, Dec. 17, 2006, when asked about Obama's lack of experience.

"I do think every Republican ought to look at the reception Barack Obama got a week ago [during his very well-received first visit to New Hampshire]... The interest in him tells you something about Americans more than it tells you about him." Newt Gingrich, Dec. 15, 2006.