My Thanksgiving day 2007 call to 911

My father-in-law Marvin's dog -- Sweetie -- died Thanksgiving morning. So, when Marvin came over that day he was feeling down. We had a nice Thanksgiving meal consisting of turkey, ribs, mashed potatoes and stuffing. The highlight of the meal was Marvin's eloquent and vulnerable toast to Sweetie. I can't summarize the toast sufficiently here but suffice it to say that he talked about how the dog really lived up to being "man's best friend" and how much he (Marvin) appreciated all the listening that the dog had done over the past years (to him). After dinner, Marvin sat down and I noticed his eyes start to close. My son went over to him and told him to wake up. When I noticed that Marvin didn't react to the wake up request, I walked over and asked Marvin if he was ok. I put my arm on his shoulder. He didn't respond. Next thing I know -- I'm calling 911. Guests are laying Marvin down and putting a cold towel on his forehead. His blood pressure had dropped to 44 or something like that. The paramedics arrived within 2 minutes and he was rushed to the hospital. My wife went with him. Turns out that Marvin had purposefully had a bottle (or 2) of wine AND had accidentally taken his blood pressure medicine twice that day. That combination was not a good one! He's fine now. He's still bummed about Sweetie but we're all thankful for Marvin's health.