Mission Statements with meaning

In today's world of business, every business seems to have adopted the practice of creating a mission statement. But creating a mission statement and bringing that mission alive are two very different things.

Passion for the mission of a business is critical. It's what keeps you going on the long days of hard work. Here at Judy's Book -- passionate mission is easy because of my relationship with Judy -- my deceased mother in law. She was a great lady! And I'm even more excited today because today was a day that mission came alive -- we have had to make decisions about our business that are consistent with our mission. These decision are defining, exciting, and rewarding to our future customers (hopefully). I'd tell you what the decision was -- but then there wouldn't be a surprise for you when we actually launch the live beta product. In other words, if I told you I'd have to shoot you :-)

The important thing to remember is that it's not the words of the mission statement that can create business success but rather the decisions that the mission statement requires that creates success.