Market education and awareness is top of mind

One of the topics that is top of mind for me at Lighter Capital is where and how are we going to get customers familiar with revenue based finance broadly and our RevenueLoan product specifically.

Once entrepreneurs and small business owners understand what we're doing, we should be a lot more effective in coming to terms with them and closing investments. That said, it's clear to me that we're in the early stages of market development for a new type of financial product. We have this new product that has some compelling advantages over other types of funding -- but if no one knows about the product and those benefits, it's hard to get customers.  We have the added challenge of not only having to educate small business owners and entrepreneurs but we also have to educate the lawyers that represent these business people.

In order to educate people about our product and our firm, I think I need to be communicating more about the process of growing this company. This should be straight forward as long as I have the time -- there's lots of interesting nuances and challenges we face.