Managing in a tight underwear world

I was speaking with one of my portfolio companies (LookStat of Orange Line Media)today and told the CEO exactly the words above -- you're managing in a tight underwear world.  Everyone at lunch laughed and then suggested it be the title of my next blog post. What I meant by the comment is the following:

  1. The CEO has just enough time and money to get the company to profitability.
  2. The investing environment sucks  -- few to no deals are getting done.
  3. There's not a lot of room for mistakes, delays, or misses.

That's the state of the world. Make it happen.
On a side note, I have no doubt that we'll all look back at this post in a year and laugh more because I'm super bullish on Lookstat's prospects and think Rahul and Casey are doing a bang up job.....even with tight underwear.