Making Board Meetings Constructive

I had a board meeting last week. We had prepared a power point deck of 28 slides -- it was full with lots of information.  The problem was that the entire meeting was spent on reporting -- and we didn't get the benefit of actually discussing the real issues facing the company at this time.  As a result, the board meeting was dry and dull.

After the board call ended, I jumped on a plan to go visit with Brad Feld -- our lead investor in the Series B.  We had sushi dinner and discussed the changes going on at Judy's Book and the board meeting. It turns out that in less than 30 minutes of dinner, I had more suggestions, insights, and constructive feedback than I had received during the entire board meeting.

The net result: I'm going to still send out the 28 page power point -- but I'll assume it's been read and I'll try and structure the board meeting on issues facing management to engage the board in constructive conversation.