Is a little data better than no data?

Just came out of a meeting in which we were discussing the Judy's Book positioning.  I found myself referring to a small ad campaign we ran 3 or 4 months ago that told me that people were more likely to sign up for a "community" than for something that was "by the people, for the people" ... I agree with the conclusion. It makes sense to me -- it's shorter and pithier. But this post is really about the larger trend of corporate decision making that is now informed by very concrete data -- and there are lots of management questions about -- is it the right data, can I make that conclusion from this data, is a little data better than no data. It's an interesting intellectual thought -- but in reality doesn't matter much because executives are making their arguments and decisions all day, everyday with just a little data.  I'm no exception.  We're going to use the word community until lots of data can prove it wrong.