Individual contributors who want to be managers

I've had 2 conversations in the past month with people who are strong individual contributors in their current role and want to be managers.  One conversation was with a sales person and the other was a developer. I've seen this story before. Excellent sales person hits numbers. The person thinks management doesn't do a good job and that they could do it better. They get promoted because they're the best sales person and move to the management job. It turns out they lack the skills it takes to be the best manager. They lack the organization, the communication, or the leadership skills it takes to succeed as a manager. Moreover, they're less happy with the job than they thought they'd be. They didn't know that managing people can be a real pain in the ass. It's hard work. Yes, it's glamorized and everyone thinks they want to be the boss. But let me tell you -- being the boss is not for everyone. Not everyone is good at it. In this case, my career advice to both the sales person and the developer was you'd be better off, happier, and more successful (money wise) if you stay in your individual contributor role and expand your skills.  Just my 2 cents.