I love New York: a diary of my day

I arrived in NY yesterday morning after a JetBlue redeye. Landed at 6:04AM. Came out of JFK airport into a blazing sunny cold manhattan winter day.  Slept for 90 minutes. Had a productive business meeting. During the meeting, the guy said he had spent most of his career at Lehman Brothers. I recalled interviewing with the very same guy 15 years earlier when I was graduating from MIT business school and was thinking about going to wallstreet. Ate matzah ball soup. Went to the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art  to see the Art of the Samurai.

I should note here that if you know me then you know that attending museums is highly unusual. But I went and had a great time. Went to dinner at Tabla for Indian food. Great restaurant with an exceptional desert to the prix fix meal.  Cab to meet with Jerry Colonna, former partner of Flatiron Partners and now good friend. Home and asleep at 10:33 PM EST. 

Today is colder than yesterday and there's a light dusting of snow on the streets. Beautiful in a different way than yesterday. Breakfast at Gramercy Park Hotel with Fred Wilson, the other partner at Flatiron Partners and now at Union Square Ventures. Ate egg whites and wheat toast. Drank 2 single shot low fat lattes.  Cab to friends home on Central Park West. Lunch at the Boathouse in Central Park. Working on a computer back at my friends house. Heading home tomorrow on Jet Blue flight out of JFK. 

NYC used to overwhelm me. It's a dense city. Today - I'm filled with love for the city -- in part because it's an amazing place and in part because my wife loves it more than any place in the world.