How entrepreneurship is like dieting?

I'm on a diet and have lost about 10 pounds. It's been a gradual weight loss. The diet is simple. 

  • No pasta
  • No bread
  • No snacks after 7PM

Superbowl weekend was a bad diet weekend. I had all three of the above. Ate some pizza, spaghetti, corn chips with salsa, and some chocolate at 9PM. Both days were lost. 

Then it occured to me -- dieting is about the present and future, not the past. Woke up yesterday and got back on the routine. Feel on it today. 

And that's where the metaphor of entrepreneurship begins. Entrepreneurship starts with 3 simple rules. You make them. Stick to them. When you fall down and feel like shit -- start over. It's that easy. That's an Andy Sack line :-) 

Why is dieting so hard?