Home stereo nightmare

Our stereo broke about 6 months ago.  Replacing the stereo has been on my todo list since that time. Meanwhile, it's been radio silence in our house and as the holidays approached my wife nudge, prodded and pushed the task off of my to-procrastinate list and back onto the todo list....culminating in a visit to Best Buy this weekend where we purchased a new pioneer stereo amplifier, a toshiba cd/dvd player and a set of speakers. Once I arrived home, I promptly set out to connect these new components to my late 1980s / early 1990s tv.

What a friggin' nightmare. Four hours later -- I threw in the proverbial towel for the evening. I couldn't get all the components to work properly. I couldn't believe it -- I have advanced degrees and couldn't figure out how to get all the components to work together seemlessly -- even after poring over the manuals page by page 3 times. The manuals were woefully inadequate and the components integration complex. There has to be a better way -- there's a business opportunity in here somewhere. I guess that's what the ipod is all about.....That was my home stereo nightmare.