Having a steady hand on your business tiller

I was recently reminded of the time when I was in my twenties and worked on financing abuzz (purchased by NYT in 1999). I used to freak out about every step of that companies financing. I was calling all the vcs every day as if they had nothing better to do other than to tell me that nothing had happened since yesterday.  I'd ask them -- did you talk to my references, what's your thought on the market, did you review the financials, is there anything else you need from me?

 I was reminded -- because I've now met entrepeneurs who remind me of me then. It makes me smile -- urgency and anxiety are good things -- they're motivators that help entrepeneurs push through financings.  My only comment is to try and keep the anxiety in check -- because they can have you push too hard and the perhaps screw things up. Even if you're not screwing things up, you're wasting lots of energy on useless activity.