Google Coop and Local

Overall, I think this is really cool and makes a lot of sense especially with the amount of new sites & blogs created every day. To me the benefits are:

  1. Targeted search results (we could make sure for example that our customers only saw the most relevant results to them)
  2.  Plug & play solution: search is hard and if smaller shops can leverage google technology to deliver custom solutions, it will get picked up
  3.  Focused lens: gives the user/business the opportunity to customize their experience on the web or a website. Sites like Brad's lejit or even dig are already doing this. They are letting the community chose what type of results they want to see.
  4. Local/social search: makes a lot of sense for a community site like ours where we could make sure that customers get the most relevant results. The negative is of course (my bias on digg as well) is that the results represent a skewed view.