Going back to Apple?

I just spent the weekend with friends in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. They all work with technology and they all had apple laptops. I used to be an AVID apple user -- I still remember the unfortunate day when I gave up and converted to a PC.  Well, it appears Apple is back and here to stay -- and I'm considering switching back to the land I loved.
I asked my friend, Jay Haynes -- (CEO of earthscreen), to spec out the computer I should buy if I were to switch. This is what he said to me.

Mac Book Pro Laptop:
1x 2.33 Ghz
3 gigs RAM (not expandable)
200 gig drive (not expandable)
Mac Pro Desktop
2x 2.66 Ghz
2 gigs RAM (expandable to 16 gigs)
250 gig drive (expandable to 4 750 gig drives)
So you get more that 100% increase in speed and a hugely expandable system for almost $600 less!  And you can run OSX server and have a true Linux server in your house.