Friends that defy my classifications and prejudices

A few years ago I met 2 business acquaintances that were (and still are) evangelical Christians.  They grew up going to evangelical right wing camps while I went to Outward Bound.  Their parents listen to Rush Limbaugh while mine listen to NPR.  They have pictures of George W. hanging in their office.  And while I don't have any pictures in my office -- if I did have a political photograph I'd be more likely to have a Bill Clinton or Obama photo.  They vote Republican and I vote Democrat.
I've gotten to know these guys and had dinner with one of them last night.  I realized that this person not has become a very good friend but he has forced me to redefine my own prejudices about the far right.  They're not ALL irrational speaking in tongues hypocrites :-)  Just kidding!  While I ultimately disagree with the conclusions he reaches, there is a lot that we agree on about the past 8 years.

  • He agrees that the war in Iraq was a mistake and is a mess.
  • He think energy independence should be the main agenda for the country and that George W missed this as the great opportunity of his presidency post Sept. 11
  • He agrees that Republicans have led the country astray economically -- both with the war and with the level of spending the country has undertaken. 
  • He agrees that the Republicans (and Democrats) are hypocritical.  He agrees that personal freedoms need to be protected (though he's pro-life) from government. 
  • He agrees teachers are underpaid. 
  • He agrees that Maker's Mark on the rocks is a great drink.

I appreciate the friendship I have with these two guys -- and the fact that the friendship has challenged my own preconceived notions about the world and the US political climate.