Free beer for job applicants.... Do I have your attention now?

Below is a very smart job posting written by comrade Randall Lucas for RevenueLoan. I'm sharing it with you all so you can of course refer candidates...but more importantly I think it's a great example of how to attract quality candidates to your startup. You have to stand out and be creative from the get go!

Holy ***, you're good!!

You are a smart and aggressive jack-of-many-trades (but Marketing particularly tickles your fancy).

We are a small startup arrogant enough to think we are a threat to the $96.4 TRILLION dollar global banking industry.

(Yes, it's a long-shot.  But we're the good guys, and Goliath loses in the end.  In the meantime, David needs a posse, and you need a challenge.)

We should talk.

... must not possess a top-tier MBA.
... never worked at a big company (or hated it if you did).
... got A's in classes you liked, and C'd in ones you didn't even show up for.
... have a Mac laptop.
... speak French, Russian, Esperanto, and Pig Latin.
... hate typos and prefer the Oxford comma.
... are amazing at finding info with Google.
... are amazing at getting info from strangers on the phone.
... could land a 737 if the pilot and co-pilot both order the fish (oops).
... can sweet-talk your way into getting discounts for your employer.
... once took 2nd place in a Karaoke contest.
... can tell when to ignore "requirements" and fake it 'till you make it.

(You're also smart enough to know that most startups are broke.  However, we're more handsome and charming than most startups, so we've banked a round of financing from top-tier investors.  Don't worry, we can pay you, but reluctantly and not very much, and only as a part-time contractor right now.)

Scared off yet?  Wait till you hear about the work environment.  You'll work with our team of three in the middle of a basketball-court sized shared space, along with 15 other companies.  (And/or from home, if you/we want.)  It's noisy and chaotic.  But that means you'll be schmoozing, boozing, and/or
flirting with 15 CEOs, including ours, which you think is pretty cool.

You thrive on challenge and ambiguity.  Improvise and expedite.  Perfect is the enemy of the good.  Real artists ship, and all that.  We're lovers, not fighters (respect to the fighters).  But we gotta give it up for how Eldridge's squadmates answered his questions on dealing with ambiguous

"well, handle it ... it's your call, buddy."

"be smart, make a good decision."

If you can put up with this much weirdness, then you're probably strange
enough to come be overworked helping us do:

- marketing communications
- Web site content
- Web analytics, keywords, SEO, etc. etc.
- finding and setting up conferences, events, speaking engagements
- beautiful print and Web collateral

Oh my God, I'm already excited for you.  You're going to have so much
fun and learn so much.  Email quick!