flying sucks

I just got back from SF today and the title of my post states the obvious. That said, while in the SF airport I came across a business called flyclear.  This is a business that was started by Stephen Brill of American Lawyer (and Court TV I believe). And I think it's a killer. They're selling 1, 2, and 3 year subscriptions to the service which allows you to cut the lines in security in exchange for a fee and a a bunch of profile information. The sales pitch is awesome for any business traveler. For $100 per year paid today you get to move to the front of the line in select airports.  And if you want, you can "lock in" the $100 price for 3 years because the price of the service is likely to increase as they roll out more airports and expand. Nothing like customer financed businesses!! Great float. I'm going to sign up today even though they're not yet in guess is the service won't make traveling any easier or better in a significant way but I'm willing to pay $100 today so that I feel like it may suck a little less the next time I fly.