FirstMark Capital is spamming our companies with this email

Everyone one of the CEO's in our portfolio got an email like this.


Hope this note finds you well.  I’m with FirstMark Capital, a $2B venture firm based in New York City.  A friend of mine who runs a startup here in Manhattan shot me a note to check out [COMPANY NAME] over the weekend, and I had chance to spend some time on your site last night.  I found your [SITE DESCRIPTION] to be really interesting, and thought that your company seemed to mesh well with several of the investment verticals that we focus on as a firm.  I’m not sure if you’re familiar with FirstMark or not, but we invest in early-stage tech companies in a number of sectors like emerging media, retail/commerce, vertical apps & services, and infrastructure software, among others, and count a number of awesome companies like SecondMarket, Shopify, Clickable, Knewton, and Riot Games as current investments.

If you’ve got a few minutes sometime this week or next, I’d love to connect and learn more about your company as well as introduce you to FirstMark and tell you more about some of the ventures and initiatives that we’ve been involved with recently.  I look forward to hearing back on if and when you might be available.



No harm in this really....just kind of funny.  And thought I'd call it out. Sincere inquiries like this are always welcome and it's hard as a CEO to sort out the wheat from the chaffe. It might be worth a follow-up call if you see a fit but be aware that it's not all about their love for your unique business ;)