Fans of Metallica and The Doors pose as two middle aged white businessmen

I was at a meeting at Voyager capital yesterday and was talking to Geoff Entress and Bill McAleer. Photos enclosed. Bill and Geoff -- and myself are middle aged white guys. Both Bill and Geoff can come across as straight and narrow. Somehow the conversation turned to best concert we had seen of all time. I learned that Bill McAleer had been to a live Doors show and loved Paul McArtney. Geoff Entress has been to Metallica and loved the Smiths.  The conversation totally changed the dynamic of "business" as usual and got us all to talk about experiences that were highly personal and that we were passionate about. It was fun and got the meeting off to a great start. It got me thinking that asking questions about people as a starting point for business meetings is a great way to start off a business meeting. It connects you with the people you're talking with on a personal level.  That is good!


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