Exit interviews are super valuable

It's always awkward when an employee decides to move on or when you decide it's time for an employee to move on. In either case, there's discomfort.  And often in the discomfort, managers and employees retreat into their shells. Yet, it's exactly at this transitional point in time when it's an excellent opportunity to reach out and to learn, to be personable and professional, and to conduct a thoughtful and complete exit interview.

These exit interviews can be enormously helpful to both employee and company. I've had the pleasure of having great exit interviews and learned a lot about what I need to be doing to make my company even more successful. 

Just want to encourage all those employees and managers to get out of their shell and take the opportunity to ask questions when you get the truth -- when you can really learn about yourself and your company.  It's only at the end of an employment relationship that people have little to lose and lots to gain.