Entrepreneurs: nobody cares, be yourself

I've gotten a lot of comments about my 20th reunion photo both online and offline. The photo seems to resonate with people. Well, putting the photo up made me think. I recall when I started abuzz in 1996 with 2 partners. At that time, I didn't want anyone to know that I had worn a tie-die, gone to a Greatful Dead show, or any other activity that wouldn't be "business professional" accepted.
Over time, I've realized as a first time entrepreneur, I spent too much time trying to do what was expected or what was supposed to be "the right thing" that I missed the opportunity to lead by being myself and doing what I thought was the right thing.  Not accepting that I was a tie-die wearing entrepreneur -- was emlematic of my tendency to look outside of myself to others to tell me what I should be doing to lead my company. I've seen this trait in many first time entrepeneurs -- my advice: get over it, you have the answer and even if you don't, be yourself -- you'll have more fun.