Entrepreneurial tip of the day: remove the hair from the sink, don't hide from the tough or gross stuff

Every entrepreneur faces numerous challenges.  More often than not the hardest ones people attempt to ignore.  Let me give you a few, for examples:

  • revenue isn't scaling at the rate it should
  • one of your VPs isn't a cultural fit and does a mediocre job
  • traffic to your website comes from black hat techniques and you have white hat advertisers

I could give you LOTS more examples. 

The point of this post is that given that there's lots of hard stuff to face, the sooner you acknowledge the issue, the sooner you can step up to fixing the issue. It's rare -- if ever -- these issues just resolve themselves without direct confrontation.  One skill you need to develop is the ability to step up and bring these issues from the dark into the light and to deal with them effectively, cleanly, and generously. 

It may be easy to hide -- but hiding only makes the problem linger.