Emotion, blogging, business

I just read a great post by a young entrepreneur / author named Ben Casnotcha. He's got a great blog here. His post about the lack of emotion in many blogs is excellent (like many of his posts. I encourage you to read it.

I've thought about this phenomena in the context of my own blog too. How much of my personal life to share ....not to share. At teh root of it, I've been reluctant to get into important life matters around marriage, sex, parenting, friendship, etc because blogs are inherently public and -- well-- I don't want to write something that I'd regret being public later.
That said I think there is a whole lot of undocumented and unshared wisdom in the minds of our elders about this thing called life and wish I could find more of it online and in blogs. If anyone has suggestions of blogs to read on the topic please let me know.