Does America need a dictator?

George Bush used the executive office for lots of initiatives and activities that I disagreed with at the core of my being. I found myself in shock and horror as he (and his cronies) used the executive office to initiate war in Iraq, to undermine basic civil rights and human rights (think Guatanamo bay and civilian wiretapping), and to cut taxes in the face of rising spending -- he used politics of fear effectively and moved to centralize power in the executive branch more than any previous president (to my knowledge). He did all this and much, much more.  And I think he'll go down in history as the worst president in American history for what he did...and most people won't focus on how he did it.
Now, Barack Obama comes along -- someone that many people believe in. I'm beginning to wonder if the country doesn't need Obama to use even more centralized executive powers than George Bush used in order to be effective in the current situation. I'm nervous that Obama's inclusive liberal decision making approach is going to get more mired in the political system than George Bush's approach. This, at a time we absolutely need decisive leadership.  In my opionion, Barack would make a great CEO of America -- if only our system granted him that authority.
I'm rambling a bit....but I'm wondering whether America doesn't need more of a benevolent dicatator now more than ever?
And I'm wondering about the the irony that the last President attempted and wished for dictator like powers more than any other president previously and is, in my mind, to blame for much of the mess we find ourselves. What's that say about America's political system?